The Illuminated Compass
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The Illuminated Compass


The Illuminated Compass was created to share practical steps and game changing thought processes to help other women survive the challenges of life.

There always comes a period of our lives when things start to feel out of control. 

Turning 40, turning 50, life, death, empty nest, body changes, life challenges.  Merging wisdom of the past with the resources we have in the present can create the future you dream of.

Above all else, the focus of this blog is kindness.  Sometimes, you just never know how your words or actions change the course of another person or other living creatures life.  Change your direction and lets get awesome!

Welcome to my blog!


Renew your spirit!

Come with me and lets explore the ways in which we can become better people!  YOU have the power to change your world, no matter your circumstances!  Let’s do this!

Strengthen your resolve!

Rome wasn’t built in the day, and a rocking life isn’t either!  You get it by practice and by mindfulness!  I’ve got the ideas, and you are committed, so let’s get going!

Step into LIFE!

Life is a very precious precious gift!  Step into the light and step into life!  With tools and tricks to change your brain, we will get you headed towards your new direction!