5 Ways to Give Someone Flowers Without Breaking The Bank

I have a love for natural things, especially flowers!  Nothing can make my day more as to when someone gives me flowers (my heart literally jumps for joy!).

I think husbands and SO’s around the world don’t really get it, and why it means so much for some women, but even for you ladies out there that don’t really “care” for flowers, I would say it is still very cool to suddenly be surprised with their color and grace, not for my birthday or Mother’s Day or even for a funeral, but a “just because I thought of you day”!

My love for flowers is no secret but I also am pragmatic enough to know they can be downright expensive.  I’m here to tell you, it doesn’t have to be!

Here are 5 ways to give the gift of flowers that won’t drain your budget:

Tip #1.  Visit a thrift store, garage sales or estate sales to find small vases or vessels.

I like to purchase small elegant crystal vases and a really pretty option are different vintage crystal cruets (small vinegar decanters).  I collect the most beautiful, usually for .50 cents at most.  I use them to put small bouquets of flowers from my garden to give to a friend or loved one.

Tip #2.  Purchase the best grocery store bouquet you can afford

Flowers don’t have to come from a florist.  If you can find a grocery chain that provides decent bouquets, you can get your flowers this way.  You are giving the gift of thought not the gift of how much money you spent on someone.

Tip #3.  If you purchase a bouquet from the grocery store, you can break it down into the cruets or vases and give the gift of your love or thoughtfulness to more people.

Tip #4.  Wildflowers.  Remember when you were a kid and you wanted to tell your mom how much you loved her?

I remember being the mom, my kids would pick me wildflower bouquets.  Best. Gift. Ever.  It doesn’t have to change, even though you are grown!  It’s the thought that counts!

Photo by Taylor Harding on Unsplash

Tip #5 and it’s my favorite!  A few years ago I went to an event at a local flower shop, to celebrate May Day!  No one does it anymore (or rarely), let’s bring it back!

We walked through their demonstration garden and snipped interesting leaves, flowers, herbs, and grasses into a bouquet in our hand.  It was fun chatting with other like-minded women.  We then trimmed them up and wrapped them in a paper towel misted with water.

Once they were wrapped, we took strong floral wrapping paper and wrapped the outside but I have also done this with Dollar Tree party caps.  You turn them upside down and put the flower bouquet inside.  If the rubber band is strong enough, you can even hang them on a door knob to leave for the person you want to honor.

The group made about 15 little bouquets.  We donated all of them to the nearest nursing home, the flowers were dropped off to those who did not have allergies and loved flowers and plants like we did.

This project helps reduce stress, gets you out into Mother Nature and enjoy the gifts she creates for us.  It will get you to put down your phone for a minute, walk away from the TV, have something to do with your kids……it’s just awesome!!

Bright someones day just out of the blue.  Take them flowers!

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