Discover the Top 5 Things That Fill You With Awe

Going deep and learning who you are, it can be a full time endeavor!

I love keeping record on the things that fill me with awe because it forces me to appreciate my life in ways my conscious mind doesn’t think about on a day to day basis.

There are no rules to it; each person will have different answers for different reasons.

The value in recording these things is you can watch yourself change over time.  Frequently going into your subconscious and your heart can bring immeasurable insight into life on this planet and guide you to a more whole, less egoist life, an important destiny for those wanting to change their direction.

Get out paper and pen or your computer, and let’s list 5 things that fill us with awe.  Don’t edit, just write and write and write.  Or maybe it’s a simple sentence.  Pretty it up later, you want the good stuff to come out!  Be free to say or write what you want.

It’s important to list what you are in awe with and a why.  Not because you have to explain yourself or justify why, but it’s important to let what is inside of you come out and speak to you.

5 Things that fill me with AWE!

The Universe

The Universe

One night I was watching a movie where a guy was standing on earth, and the camera backed away until the Earth comes into view and it kept going and going through galaxies that they now have proof exists.  Each universe filled with billions of stars.

Here I sit, little old me!  I GET to be a part of it all and it fascinates me to no end to think of how immense existence is.

It is not just us, it is not just Earth.

Yet every day I operate on it, without a thought as to what is beyond our atmosphere and the immensity of a life.


Sometimes I’ll physically stop on the side of the road or on a walk to gaze at a morning or evening sky. I can pinpoint memories of color. Can you?

The first time I saw the Caribbean, seeing fall in Minnesota, the intense greenness on Mt Rainier, the deep blue of the ocean on a cruise.

How amazing that they exist, how amazing that we can see them and appreciate them. Why don’t we do it more often?

The wind

Pexel CCO

Like color, the wind is very emotional, have you ever thought about it before? Could you imagine it not being here? It can be raging, breezy, stiff, biting…..the wind will speak to you if you listen.

My favorite wind sound is wind through trees. I could listen for hours and hours.


Pexel CC0

What we are mostly made of, I love to be around water. I love to swim in it, feel it on my skin. Watching the ocean move is provocative and beautiful.

If you ever have anything deep to think about or need to get figured out, the perfect thing to do it to sit by ocean and let the wind and sea work its magic on your soul.

It’s better than any medicine.


Pexel CC0

I happen to believe in Evolution.  I don’t want to incite an argument on religion or belief because I respect each and every person’s belief system regardless if I disagree with it.

I’m in awe of it because evolution takes a flawed life form and melds it into what it needs to survive in a Universe that has a certain mathematical formula for life.

When one prototype doesn’t make it, evolution gets to work. Yeah, it takes millions of years and sometimes it just stamps a life form out.  I think we should honor and respect that, that we are absolutely not in control……life is.

That each of us born here are a miracle, because miraculous things have to happen before birth can happen.

Have you ever watched NOVA and learned what it takes to conceive a baby?

Do we consider the vast dynamics behind how you will be you, the odds that you were the one born from your mother and your father?  I always used to think about how everything would be different if my dad didn’t meet my mom the day he did, or if your grandparents hadn’t of met, or their parents hadn’t of met? Good lord, it goes on and on… is definitely HUGE!

Why don’t we appreciate it more?

As a race, we spend our days fighting, cheating, stealing, lying, pushing, shoving, racing, killing, hurting, never the intention of life. Why don’t we stop?

So what does gratitude do for a person?

It centers you and makes you appreciate the life YOU are living, regardless of your circumstances.

When it comes to this amazing place where we live, I hold our planet in awe, always have.

Of all of it, life, death, sadness, happiness, why crickets sing and skies rain, there are millions and millions of things to hold us all in wonder and provide us with gratitude that we are so fortunate to live here, to know who we know, simply, to live and to breathe!

Contemplation, mindfulness and interest in things going on around you can bring you JOY and GRATITUDE and can provide inspiration to change.

Awareness is the first step to the change you are seeking in your life!

Be AWARE of your thoughts and what fills you with wonder!!



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