How 10 Minutes a Day Can Change Your Life!

10 Minutes a Day Can Change Your Life

I grew up in the days when your mother stood on the front porch and yelled your name among a sea of other neighborhood kids hard at play in the Texas sun.   My mother would yell at me to come in and get my chores done and at that young age, started my life of procrastination!

We all have 24 hours in every day to get the things done we need to do and I don’t know about you, but when I think of any task, I assume it will take large chunks of my time to get things done and I tend to put things off.  I actually probably think about things way longer than it takes to just do them in the first place.

In trying to organize my life a little, I slowly started testing out how 10 minutes of focusing on a task can change the quality of my life.

Things I tend to put off (there are more, trust me!):

  • Making my bed
  • Cleaning the kitchen after every use
  • Exercise
  • Laundry

How devoting 10 minutes changed things:

  • When I started making my bed each day, I started feeling more peaceful.  Weird maybe, but it’s how it affects me.  BONUS:  It only takes 2 minutes and I have 8 to do something else with!
  • Kitchen cleanup? Nothing is better than a clean sink to me (I know, I need to get a hobby).  It just makes the next day, well, the whole damned week better when the kitchen stays clean.  So when I’ve messed it up, I literally FORCE myself to clean it (emptying the dishwasher is my least favorite!).  I never EVER regret it (maybe while doing it) but afterward………ZEN.


  • Exercise.  It makes me feel wonderful and guess what, I hate doing it.  If I make myself do the 10 minutes, I generally will hold out for 30 but 10 minutes is better than NOTHING!
  • I found out that you throw a load of laundry in each day of the week, I can dry that load.  It takes 10 minutes or less to wash/dry/hang.  You can completely change your life (I’m not kidding here) by creating this habit.   Don’t throw that laundry on the floor!  Hang it up!!  LIFE CHANGER!!


Here are some ideas that might work for you or to get your thought processes churning.

  • An easy meal one or two days a week, when I say easy, I mean easy. Make a can of soup and a sandwich or even make pancakes for dinner!!  Be free of it!!  This simple 10 minute act can save lots of money (calculate it with this “Latte Factor Calculator”) lots of time, and frees up an evening or two for you to enjoy something YOU want to do or spend time with family.
  • Clean something. Just that one thing (the bathroom, vacuum, a junk drawer….anything really), it will be done.  Do this every day and you don’t have to spend all day cleaning…..EVER!!  (This one is one of my favorites!)
  • Stop and get the gas in the car!!!! You’ll be glad you did when there is a wreck on the interstate and you are PRAYING you make it to the next exit with a gas station!
  • Pay Bills. I know, this won’t be anyone’s favorite, but I found if I review my bills due for 10 minutes a week, I keep myself out of trouble.  Even when money is tight, being aware is better.  It just is.

What can you do in 10 minutes a day that can improve your quality of life?  I’d love to hear all of your ideas!  Spend a few minutes to jot down just two things you could do that would help your daily life and practice doing it for 30 days.  If it does not add value, get rid of it, try something new.  Reinvent your life in the smallest of ways!

Let the IC know what works for you so we can share with others!  Shared knowledge is the key to changing lives!


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